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Exploring Ft. Gibson

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

With every twist and turn, you never know what treasure you'll find around Ft. Gibson. Whether it's winding roads, romantic beachy nooks or well, random abandoned hotels. Regardless of my wild hair, Kayla and Dylan jumped in my Subaru and off we went.

What did we find? Well... early into our drive, we came across a charming butterfly garden full of milkweed that tickled our waists, a roadway shaded by giant pine trees and (swarming with gnats- oh boy!), and a wavy little bay area that made it feel like we were at some exotic beach in ... California, of course.

Here's the rundown:

Butterfly Garden: This spot was so cute. Kayla and Dylan nestled into an open space between the tall grass just as the sun was dipping behind the trees.

Indian Lodge: Next -- we left the garden and started driving. As we passed the Indian Lodge, I swung into their gravel drive and said "jump out, stand on the brick and kiss!" They're adventurous so they didn't blink, which is why I love them. Then, as they jumped off the brick, Dylan threw Kayla over his shoulders - hilarious!

Pine Tree Roadway: Headed to the water, we glanced to our left and saw this gorgeous tree lined road. The sun was starting to set. So, we had to be quick for our water pictures.

Beachy Nook at Sunset: We had about 20 minutes before our daylight hourglass ran out. So, we raced to the water where they dipped in and the magic ensued from there. i was wearing my corny water shoes. So, I'm thankful I was behind the camera - ha!

Sessions like this are such a blast - whether just for fun, celebrating an engagement or as newlyweds.

Take a look.

Thanks for adventuring with me. Whose next?!



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