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Foggy Engagement Session in the Wichita Mountain Wilderness | Emily + Ryan

Emily + Ryan have already been such a joy to work with! We connected after a former bride of mine (whom I loved working with!) told Emily all about her wedding experience with me, and I couldn't be more appreciative. There's nothing like word of mouth referrals. They mean the world to us creatives!

Once Emily and I decided we were a fit, we got down to business planning the most epic engagement session of all time. I sent a trail over to her that I found in the Wichita Mountains and told her I thought it looked gorgeous. She and her fiance, Ryan, agreed. So, we made it happen!

Fast forward to the day of the shoot, my hubby, Austin, and I were driving into the refuge when it hit us like a thick wall... FOG. Oh my gosh. We couldn't even see to drive. He was squinting to see the road and I was sweating a bit because FOG. "I've never seen it like this before," I said nervously. Austin turned his head and looked at me then said "I have a feeling it's going to be a blessing in disguise. This is awesome."

And it was.

It was the most absolutely breathtaking session. I am so thankful for Emily and Ryan's adventurous spirits and willingness to drive to the refuge for quite possibly the most unique engagement sessions I've been a part of.

I mean, who else can say their engagement photos were taken in the fog blanketed Wichita Mountain Wilderness? No one!

Take a look:

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