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madisen + carter | pearl district building | oklahoma wedding photographer

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Want to hear THE sweetest love story in the history of ever?! Here it goes. Madisen and Carter met at the University of Tulsa during a party with friends. The same night, Carter belted out the lyrics to a song completely in Spanish in the middle of the crowd. Then, he took over the kitchen and sauteed chicken for a late-night snack. HILAROUS! So, cute. Okay, so moving on... Madisen says he was so confident and goofy that when he asked for her number, she TOTALLY gave it to him.


The next morning, he texts her a link to a playlist... WUT. That he MADE. DOUBLE WUT. To remember the night before (aww!)... which included the Spanish song he sang the night before - AW! Needless to say, she was smitten. I mean, what guy does gestures as romantic as this? OKAY, moving on again...

During their first date, Carter pulled a guitar off the dadgum wall, got down on one knee and asked Madisen to MARRY HIM. Okay, okay, not how they got officially engaged, but WHAT A STORY, RIGHT?? She told him he was a little crazy, but agreed to date him and, my friends - THE REST IS HISTORY!


Both Madisen and Carter started their day by prepping with their gals and guys, of course. Then, the two read hand written notes they had written to one another. *CUE THE TEARS* All of this followed by the sweetest ceremony and a super unique bridal party session.

Why unique?? Keep reading!

So, post ceremony, we headed downtown for bridal party pics and let me just say we had THE BEST LUCK as we were able to sneak UNDERNEATH one of Tulsa's most historic banks, The Vault, which houses old bank vaults under the streets of Tulsa. UMMM SO COOL. Who else takes pictures with historic vaults on their wedding day? NO ONE.

The evening ended with a dimly lit dinner and reception at one of Tulsa's most popular wedding venues, The Pearl District Building (super industrial and modern - I love it)!

Ohhhhh, and yesss, we snuck in a super intimate last minute sunset shoot to top it all off.


SO - what I'm trying to say is: Madisen and Carter, you two are fantastic and your wedding was nothing short of all things beautiful and magical. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day! Can you tell we had a total blast? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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